Billy No Band Mates @ The Stanton Chirk

Billy No Band Mates played The Stanton In Chirk last night, I hadn’t seen this act before but had seen Kev Williams as he plays guitar for Bad Medicine, there were plenty of popular songs from bands like Muse, Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne and more with plenty of audience participation – I was there to take some photos and here is what I captured.

billy-no-band-mates-73 billy-no-band-mates-71 billy-no-band-mates-70 billy-no-band-mates-69 billy-no-band-mates-67 billy-no-band-mates-66 billy-no-band-mates-64 billy-no-band-mates-63 billy-no-band-mates-62 billy-no-band-mates-61 billy-no-band-mates-59 billy-no-band-mates-58 billy-no-band-mates-57 billy-no-band-mates-56 billy-no-band-mates-55 billy-no-band-mates-54 billy-no-band-mates-53 billy-no-band-mates-51 billy-no-band-mates-49 billy-no-band-mates-44 billy-no-band-mates-42 billy-no-band-mates-41 billy-no-band-mates-39 billy-no-band-mates-38 billy-no-band-mates-37 billy-no-band-mates-36 billy-no-band-mates-34 billy-no-band-mates-33 billy-no-band-mates-32 billy-no-band-mates-31 billy-no-band-mates-30 billy-no-band-mates-29 billy-no-band-mates-28 billy-no-band-mates-27 billy-no-band-mates-26 billy-no-band-mates-21 billy-no-band-mates-20 billy-no-band-mates-19 billy-no-band-mates-18 billy-no-band-mates-12 billy-no-band-mates-11 billy-no-band-mates-9 billy-no-band-mates-7 billy-no-band-mates-6 billy-no-band-mates-3 billy-no-band-mates-1 billy-no-band-mates-2

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