Arbonne Moisturizer

I got out of the shower, dried my face pulled the toothbrush from its holder and started to brush my teeth, as I gazed into the mirror I noticed that the top of my head was flaky, I hadn’t noticed it before and had no idea what might be causing it or how to even remedy it, after a little bit of searching both on the usual google searches and a few groups I am a member of on Facebook it seemed to point to the lack of moisturisation, I didn’t even think that I needed to use a moisturiser.




Coincidentally a friend at work had been promoting his wife (Lucy) new venture with Arbonne, I had looked into the products before but there were just so many I ended up walking away, however, I sent Lucy a message explaining the situation with my skin, what products I was using now* and asked if she could she recommend something that would help alleviate the problem, a few days later I had two packs of products to try, she has also sent me a number of messages on Facebook explaining the products and how best to use them, as I am only really looking for a moisturiser at the moment I decided to put most of the products aside and give FC5 a try.

Here are my thoughts;

Day One

I stopped using the Lush Cosmetic Lad and started using Arbonne FC5 you only need a really small amount, pea sized or in the case of the FC5 one pump of the applicator. As I have a beard I applied it to my forehead and exposed skin areas on my cheeks and nose, I rubbed the product into my face and let it soak in. I have to say my face feels extremely soft even after one application.

Day Two

So today I woke up, had a shower, dried my face and looked into the mirror to see if there was any change to my skin to my surprise the majority of the dry skin had gone, I am not just saying that because I want this product to work but it really had gone. My face felt extremely soft and looked healthy, I am quite impressed with how quickly I am seeing results with this.

Day Three

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, soft skin hydrated and no dry skin, tomorrow is the last day of the trial so I will give you my conclusion.

Day Four

Today was the last day of the trial, I have used nothing else on my face except FC5 from Arbonne and the dry skin I had on my forehead has totally gone, my face isn’t oily and my skin looks healthy.

In conclusion, the FC5 from Arbonne is a fantastic product, it has totally replaced what I was using as my daily face cream if you are looking for a lightweight moisturiser that has no fillers, no extra ingredients and is totally vegan this is definitely one of the products to check out.

*Before using Arbonne I was using Lush Cosmetic Lad but unfortunately it isn’t vegan.

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