Today’s Bedroom Project

This weekend I had a project that I wanted to complete, in my wardrobe unit there is a cupboard that had some shelves where I could put bits and pieces the problem was there wasn’t enough shelves for the things I wanted to keep in there – additionally I had been keeping my phone on charge with my watch next to my bed and I wanted to move these somewhere else.

The other part of the project was this blank wall that I had, when I first moved into the room I put pictures on the wall with Blue Tac (don’t do this) and it left horrible marks where the pictures had been, I wanted to give the room a new lease of life.


This is the cupboard there are two shelves and the very bottom has my files, I planned to add two more shelves to give me a little more space in here.


After I had cut the wood that I wanted to use for the shelves I decided to fix a 4 gang plug socket to the underside of one of the shelves which would be the top shelf, I could then run my cables from their plugs to the top side of shelf and keep everything tidy (well that is the plan)


I took a quick photo of the inside of the plug so I knew how to put it back together when I had finished feeding it through the unit out to the plug socket on the wall.


This is how the charging shelf turned out, there is my iPhone charger, Apple Watch Charger and Nikon Charger with one spare power outlet which I decided to use for my Sonos, which is now sitting on top of the wardrobe.


I fed the cable from the charging shelf through the top of the unit out to the Sonos on top of the wardrobe.


This is how the cupboard turned out when I had finished, two additional shelves and a place to store my chargeable items overnight.


My room also now has a new lease of life with some new bedding and a tapestry on the wall, looks pretty good I think, just need to find some new curtains and lampshade and it will be complete.


I added a few other little finishing bits today, swapped out the bedside lamp for a new one

bedroom-project9 bedroom-project10

Looks quite nice in the dark I think…

bedroom-project11 bedroom-project12

Here is a little tour of the finished product.

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