Photography and me

I bought my very first camera with the wages from the very first job I ever had I was working as a checkout assistant at a supermarket called Kwik Save which has now closed down, it was back when Jessops had a store on the high street, I had been in a number of times and picked out exactly what I wanted, looked at various articles online to make sure that what I was getting was the best I could afford and started saving, I literally saved all of my wages and bought it within a few months, I was hooked, taking pictures of local landscapes, family members and just things around the house, a few years later I decided to sell that very camera along with all of the equipment that I had collected to go with it, looking back it was a massive mistake, I got very little money for it and lost all of the equipment that I had collected to go with it.

I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety around 2009, to try and help me get a handle on it I decided to get back into photography, I researched the equipment available and set my sights on a Nikon D3100, it seemed perfect for what I wanted and the reviews backed it up, Christmas of that year my parents bought me that very camera it was amazing, using it mainly in auto I started photographing everything, places I had been, items around the house just trying to learn more and more about this art form, I was hooked. The photo below was one of the first photos that I took with that camera using the kit 18-55mm lens circa April 2013.


I took so many photos, just trying to push myself further and further all the time;

dsc_0803 dsc_1279

A few years passed and my friends started getting married, my love of photography wasn’t a secret, I was shouting it from the rooftops and was asked to photograph a few of these weddings, not something I had done before so I was really conscious that maybe I wasn’t good enough or my skill level wasn’t going to deliver what the couple wanted. On the days leading up to the weddings, I hired a Nikon 70-200mm lens, one of the most amazing bits of glass I have ever used and captured some amazing photographs.

hayley-and-gaz-1620 hayley-and-gaz-1956
hayley-and-gaz-2816 hayley-and-gaz-2818

After a few weddings, I found a local music festival called GigFest, it runs over three days in July of each year in the garden of a pub in town, I sent the organiser a message asking if it would be ok to bring my camera as I wasn’t sure if they had an official photographer already covering the event, they said it was ok and I turned up really quite nervous and took a few photos, I walked away with some really good photos, in my head I had a vision of how I wanted the photos to look, I didn’t want them to look over lit or artificially lit, after that event I have attended more and more local gigs, made some amazing friends with bands and have recently been asked if I would be the official photographer for one of them, which for me is huge.


The rest is history, as they say. Photography has been there for me, it has given me something I could never replace, it has given me amazing new friends and has allowed me to capture some amazing memories.

edith-wren-lewis-240 beckys-baby-shower-3
booth-30th-casino-party-5179 max-booth-10

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