Apple Watch Review

I have had the Apple Watch for a good few months now and thought I would share my thoughts on it as a daily watch.

I decided to get an Apple Watch around Christmas 2016 I had been wanting one for a while but held off waiting, when the Apple Watch 2 was released I decided that I wanted to get one, I started saving and when Christmas came I had enough money to go out and buy one, I opted for the 42mm watch face made from Aluminium with a white sports wristband, I don’t know what it is about watch bands but certain bands don’t sit nicely on my wrist, the Apple Watch band however, is super soft and really comfortable.

So, about the watch itself…

The home screen is completely modular, you can select a number of different faces and depending on the face you choose you can choose different ‘widgets’ from Watch supported apps installed on your phone to show up in these widget areas, for example, I have Dark Sky weather installed on my phone and you can see it shows the information about the weather in the middle of the watch face, pretty cool right?

Single pressing on the weather on the watch face will load the current weather forecast where you can scroll through various bits of information that Dark Sky has collected about your current location.

The Apple Watch supports Apple Pay and if it is enabled the watch has to have a pin code set, this is to secure your card details, you can unlock the watch with the phone if the phone is unlocked then the watch is unlocked if you don’t want to get your phone out to unlock your watch you can single tap the screen and enter your pin number manually.

Selecting an application to open on the watch is a fidely business, you have to single press the digital crown which will load the applications page, you can then scroll around until you find the application you want and single pressing onto it will launch it.

Interestingly one of my favourite features of the Apple Watch is its integration with Siri, putting dinner in the oven and setting a timer is easy peasy simply summon Siri using the phrase “Hey Siri” and ask her to set a timer, she will then set the timer and vibrate the watch when it is done, you can also ask Siri to send text messages, initiate phone calls, and other cool things.

Controlling music is also super simple, although Spodoesn’tsen’t have a native watch application if music is playing on the phone you can launch the now playing application on the watch to control the volume either with the on-screen buttons or you can use the digital crown, pause and start music, skip songs also if you have a playlist playing you can’t view the songs in it (at least I haven’t found a way) still much better than getting your phone out of your pocket every time to change a song.

I use YNAB on my iPhone every single day, they have a native app for the watch which I can load to view current category information, unfortunately you can’t add transactions from the watch or do anything else like you can on the phone but the brief overview of the budget from the watch face is great.


Calendar notifications are also great, if you have an event coming up you will get a notification on the watch telling you the time of the event and the description plus location should you have entered it into the calendar event description, pretty neat right.

Finally the activity monitor and possibly the most integrated application into the watch but the one that I use the least, the watch will track various bits of information, how long you have been active for, how many steps you have taken things like that and display them in what they call the rings, when the rings close the goal has been reached, the watch will chime and vibrate and will continue on another loop until it closes for a second time. There is so much more than just the watch face view for activity but as I don’t use it that much I don’t really have much to say.

If you are looking for a smart watch I would totally recommend the Apple Watch, the price may be higher than some of the competitors but the quality of the device and the quality of the software and integration with the devices I already own is fantastic. 

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