Save Some Green Toothbrush

Today I want to talk about toothbrushes, yep that is right toothbrushes, for as long as I can remember I have been using a generic toothbrush you can pick up at any chemist or health store, the kind with nylon bristles and plastic handles, you know the ones, right? Recently I discovered bamboo toothbrushes made with bamboo bristles and a bamboo handle, much nicer on the environment as they degrade much better when you put them into the trash, and the materials they are made from are responsibly sourced also they don’t give off nasty chemicals when they degrade so and overall better for the environment.

So what is the toothbrush actually like Rich?

It comes delivered in a brown paper packet, there is no plastic to open, simply tear the top of the packet and remove the brush, you can put the paper packet right in the trash and it will bio-degrade, or pop it in the compost bin if you have one.

When ordering my brush I choose the soft brush head, I prefer that to the other options, but Save Some Green do have various options which you can select when purchasing, something for everyone. As for the soft brush head I really like it, it cleans my teeth just like any other toothbrush would and isn’t too harsh, sometimes the brush head can be too hard and it can hurt when brushing, this for me is perfect.

The bamboo handle is soft to hold, it doesn’t slide around in your hand when brushing, it is perfectly sized, not too big and not too small either, just right.

I am on my second brush from Save Some Green I really liked the first one, so much so, I ordered a second, the brush lasted around 4 1/2 weeks before the bristles were no longer effective in brushing and the brush needed replacing, they are a little more expensive than your normal chemist toothbrush, costing around £3 per brush but discounts can be had if you buy more than 1 at a time, am I going to order again next month? Absolutely.

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