Salt Of The Earth Deodorant

I guess deodorant isn’t something you would really pay all that much attention to, I know I didn’t, I would walk into the store find one you like and walk out, right?

Since going Vegan I have started looking more and more into what is inside products, what makes them work and deodorant was one of them products I wanted to replace, I won’t go into the reasons as this is a review.

After I had decided I no longer wanted to use aerosol deodorant anymore I began searching for something that wouldn’t let me get smelly during the day, that was good for my body and as a bonus would smell good (the last point wasn’t mandatory) I found so many different solutions, I could make my own deodorant, much like powder variety you get from Lush or I could buy a deodorant from a company that already had the formula worked out, I choose the latter, that is when I found Salt Of The Earth from Crystal Spring.

The deodorant is completely natural, it contains nothing that is going to harm your body like aluminum or nasty chemicals it doesn’t even have a scent, you spray it under your arms at the start of the day get dressed and go, the formula also prevents white marks from appearing on your clothing after you have applied the deodorant to your armpits.

I bet you are thinking, this has no scent and it is made totally from natural ingredients, how can this possibly work? Truth be told, I thought exactly the same thing before buying it, but three months down the line I have just bought a 1ltr refill bottle I am that impressed. One thing I have noticed is how my body actually smells, since going Vegan my perspiration doesn’t smell all that much like it did before I was Vegan, I can go a whole day wearing Salt Of The Earth and not smell at the end of the day.

I don’t use any other deodorant now, when I am going out I will put on a bit of Lush Dirty Body Spray but that is it, nothing else.

I think deodorant is different from person to person, we all smell different so you have to find something that works for you and your body, for me this works perfectly and I am really happy with the results, if you are looking to replace your current deodorant, give this a try from my own experience, I recommend it.

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