Severn Days with Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy

I have spent seven whole days with Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy, during this time I have learnt a lot about it, how well we get on together and if we will be suited to one another long term, I was looking for a good hair product that was vegan-friendly but not a pomade and not really a wax or a paste, these products are great for certain hair styles but not for me, I needed something a bit more flexible, hopefully this review will help you.

Day one went extremely bad, it was no fault of the product though. I jumped out of the shower, towel dried my hair and took a large scoop of the hair candy, massaged it into my hands and rubbed it into my hair then went about my day, the style was set but it was extremely shiny, now when I say shiny it was almost chrome shiny it didn’t look right at all and it had set so so hard, this was what I wanted, a little bit of shine with a good set but not like this, tomorrow I needed to remember to use less, much much less, over the next few days I experimented with various amounts until I found the amount that was perfect for my hair, in the picture below, you can see just how much I need, my hair admittedly isn’t all that long anymore but Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy really does go a long way.

Rubbing the product into the palm of your hands and then massaging it through your hair will make sure that all of your hair gets good coverage if you leave the product on your finger and try and apply it you will get clumps of product in certain parts of your hair that get hit first this will make your hair look stuck together when it dries.

This is what my hair looks like after applying just a little bit of product, there is no hair spray used just the hair candy, my hair blows in the wind and returns to this state, my fringe was a bit straighter than this when I first applied the product but the days wear took some of the hold out of the style.

If you are looking for a good hair product that isn’t a wax or a pomade and is vegan-friendly Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy is really worth a shot I would totally recommend it, oh and it smells just amazing.

Vegan: Yes
Price: £12.95 (100g)
Source: Lush UK (Online, Highstreet)

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