My Perfect Download Weekend

Download Festival 2017 is just around the corner, it has come round so fast this year, it only seems like yesterday that I was booking the tickets getting excited for some of the bands that had been announced at the time, now that we only have 8 days to go I thought it would be awesome to share what my perfect weekend would look like and which bands I am excited to see.


System Of A Down

I have waited, literally years to see System, I remember getting Toxicity for Christmas when I was 16 so seeing them on stage is going to be a dream come true.

Five Finger Death Punch

I saw FFDP on stage at Donnington in 2015 they were fantastic, seeing them again is definitely high on my list of bands to see on Friday.


After the recently released Mesmer Northlane will be amazing to see, the show I hope they put on will be as electric as this album.


Only been listening to Mastodon for a little while, mainly on the back of Emperor Of The Sand, should be worth the watch, just hope they are not given a mid day slot.

Sum 41

Okay, Okay, I know but I remember seeing Sum 41 when I was about 14 years old and just like Alien Ant Farm last year I would love to see these just for nostalgic purposes if nothing else.


Biffy Clyro

Another band I have never seen live, headlining the Saturday night at Donnington definitely one of the bands I would love to see, I have heard nothing but great things about these.


Not going to lie, only heard these guys while listening to the Download Playlist, but really want to check them out.

A Day To Remember

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I can imagine they A Day To Remember will be lively on stage the crowd too will go absolutely wild for these, I really hope they play 2nd Sucks as part of their set.

Of Mice & Men

Back to Me is an absolutely incredible track, heavier than some of their other stuff and with a new voice fronting the band, will be fantastic to see how they are received on the day.


Steel Panther

Not really sure what to expect from Steel Panther live, if you have seen some of their videos or listened to their music you will know what I mean but definitely one I need to see.


A band I have listened to for years but never ever seen live, excited for this one.

In Flames

Seen them before, absolutely amazing on stage and with the new album Battles released at the end of 2016, it should be good to see what they bring to their set.


One of the more heavy bands playing the weekend, been in my collection for years would be awesome to see them live.


Saw Clutch the same year I saw Slipknot (2015 I think) they are brilliant live, definitely a band I want to see again.


Totally addicted to their cover of Sail which I hope they pull out and do live on stage, will be fantastic to see.

Dinosaur Pile Up

After getting hooked on 11:11 and finding out they are on the Download bill Dinosaur Pile up have been right up on my list of bands to see over the weekend hopefully, they live up to my expectations.

Stone Broken

I first saw these at a local venue recently, they are absolutely incredible, the stage presence and music is amazing, definitely a must for me on Sunday.

There is a pretty good Download Festival playlist on Spotify that you can subscribe to and get into the mood if you want.

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