I upgraded

I have been photographing local music for a while now, using primarily my D300 and a 35mm F/1.8 lens (which on a D300 is around 50mm) but it has been really struggling in low light, it started proving difficult to get good photos without compromising on noise, so I started looking at my options to upgrade.

Since buying the D300 camera technology had moved on considerably, cameras were so much more advanced with higher ISO to handle low light, more focus points, built in wi-fi and other cool features made it really hard to decide which camera would be the best for what I wanted. I got talking to Kaye on Twitter about the hardware she uses for her photography and she recommended, hands down the Canon 6D. Now I have been using a Nikon camera for as long as I can remember so obviously I was a bit skeptical about the switch, I did some reading and on paper the 6D looked amazing, I sat on the thought of the Canon for a while before I finally made the decision to upgrade, I placed the order, Canon 6D body with a Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens and waited for it to arrive.

When the camera arrived I got it out of the box, carefully, this was the most I had ever spent on a camera. As I unpacked the 6D from the box that it came delivered in the first noticeable thing was the form factor, the camera was much smaller than the D300, lighter but the quality was great, you could tell that this a pro-grade camera just from the way it felt. I put the battery into the camera and turned it on…..no power, gutted, by the time the battery had charged it was late and dark. The next day I went for a walkabout into town and got some photos, the controls are so much different to what I am used to, but I soon found my way around, capturing photos of different things to see how well the camera performed in different conditions, it was AMAZING.

Here are the photos, that I took, I am so glad that I went down this route, the camera is such a massive upgrade for me and I am really looking forward to getting into The Tivoli at the end of the month and giving it a try on some live music.

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