One Plus 5 Review

I have been a lover of Apple products for such a long time now, I have an iPhone, Mac & Apple Watch but recently my iPhone 6 Plus started to play up, it would randomly turn off and the battery wouldn’t hold for any length of time just so we have some context I have had an iPhone from the early days of the iPhone 3GS and since had every major release however this time I really felt that the iPhone had gone in a different direction and it was no longer a device I could see my self using.

So what do I think of the One Plus 5? Well let me tell you;

The Device

I opted for the One Plus 5 with 8GB of Ram and 128GB of storage, it cost me around £400 to buy the handset outright, which for what the phone has packed into it I think is fair.

The device is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon 835 (Octa-core, 10nm, up to 2.45GHz) processor with an Adreno 540 GPU the screen is 5.5 inches powered by a Optic AMOLED display, one cool thing is that the One Plus 5 comes with a dual sim tray which allowed me to use my old Sim card which was on Giff Gaff and my new Sim card which was on O2, pretty neat I thought.

The One Plus 5 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack with a bottom facing speaker, there are 3 microphones on the device with noise cancellation built in for clear and crisp conversations, saying “Ok Google” on most of the attempts in a variety of situations has opened the Google Assistant first time.

The volume buttons and lock buttons are positioned in the same location to the iPhone so there wasn’t really any difference in terms of their functionality, however, the silent mode activator is a slider on the One Plus rather than a switch as it was on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The Battery

The battery in the One Plus 5 (3300 mAh) is far superior to anything I ever got from my iPhone, even when the iPhone was new I never got a full day out of it, the One Plus 5 allows me to use the device for the entire day, listening to music, browsing the web, watching videos it just performs valiantly. Not really much else to say, it is brilliant.

The Camera

The Camera on the One Plus 5 is pretty good, I have not used it enough yet to be able to give a comprehensive over view of it or how I think it performs in terms of difference to the iPhone but it comes with a dual rear camera one is a wide angle which packs F/1.7 and 16 megapixels while the telephoto is f/2.6 and has a 20 mega pixel camera it also has the ability to record in 4k and shoot photos in RAW for editing in applications such as light room.

Here are some photos that were taken with the One Plus 5;

The Software

One Plus don’t use Vanilla Android they use their own version called Oxygen but it is based on Nougat (current at time of publication) with that in mind you don’t get updates as soon as they are released like you would on say a Nexus device, but it isn’t really a problem, One Plus seem to be on top of new releases and you don’t have to wait long before they send an update along.

One Plus has done a fantastic job with Oxygen, it contains 0 bloatware and feels fantastic to use, it is snappy and super responsive. I remember a conversation with some friends when early Android was released about how it was made for power users and you had to adjust various settings to get it to work, not anymore it is super easy to use and the settings are easy to navigate.

Oxygen doesn’t seem to have the ability to schedule do not disturb, which is a shame, I have looked everywhere and I can’t find it. This was something I used all the time so the phone became silent after a certain time, sure I could activate it manually every time with the slider but being able to turn it on automatically would be a nice feature.

Google Assistant which is activated by saying “Ok Google” is almost flawless, it is activated each and every time I have said it in a number of situations, there have been a few scenarios where it hasn’t activated but that was because I wasn’t speaking clearly. The Google Assistant is also able to recognise what I am saying much quicker than the alternatives that I have tried and the results returned are excellent and on topic of what I have asked for.

If I had one complaint about Android as a whole it would be the notifications, iPhone has notification bubbles on the application icons, you get the notification popup and then the bubble would appear on the application icon after that, with Android you get a notification alert if the device is unlocked then a small icon appears in the top left, top view it you have to swipe down but there are no notification bubbles, I think this is coming in Oreo though so hopefully it will be in the next release of Oxygen too.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I am really happy with the device, I never thought I would see the day when I made the switch from Apple to Android but here we are, the One Plus in my eyes is a great device and should be part of anyone’s picking for a new smartphone, improvements seem to be being made all the time to both the hardware and the software coming out of One Plus so things can only get better.

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