Richard Howell is a lifestyle photographer from Shropshire. Rich focuses on model & lifestyle photography.

What is it like to work with me?

My approach to photography is very journalistic, while I come up with the majority of the concepts for my shoots I do take direction from the people I am working with, I don’t operate a “black book” policy, if you are unable to make a shoot for whatever reason, that is cool, we can totally re-arrange.

I don’t own or use a studio environment currently, this might change in the future but for now, I am making use of some of the great natural backdrops as the canvas for my shoot concepts.

I like to use as much of the natural light on my shoots as possible, in some situations I may use some fill light but more often than not I will set the shoot up to take advantage of the natural light available to me.

What Others Think

A few words from some of the people I have worked with;

He did a fantastic job and is a brilliant person to work with – Lily Pryde 2017