One Plus 5 Review

I have been a lover of Apple products for such a long time now, I have an iPhone, Mac & Apple Watch but recently my iPhone 6 Plus started to play up, it would randomly turn off and the battery wouldn’t hold for any length of time just so we have some context I have had an iPhone from the early days of the iPhone 3GS and since had every major release however this time I really felt that the iPhone had gone in a different direction and it was no longer a device I could see my self using.

So what do I think of the One Plus 5? Well let me tell you;

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I got burnt

I have been to Download Festival before, every single time it has rained, I checked the forecast and it said it was going to rain so I dressed accordingly, I had a jumper on and my camo trousers my sun screen was in my bag just in case it got really hot.

I arrived at Download Festival and it was sunny, I wouldn’t say that it was boiling but it was certainly warm, people were walking around with sun burnt faces and shoulders so the days before were certainly hot enough to burn but I guess this didn’t register at the time, I kept my jumper on and went into the arena (I didn’t have a hat), I watched a number of bands at the main stage and around 4pm decided to put on some sun screen, at this point it felt warm enough to remove my jumper so at the same time I put some factor 50 sun cream on (it later transpired it was too late at this point) as the day went on the temperature seemed to drop, so I put my jumper back on (this could have been because I was burnt), I met up with Joe & Rhinna to watch System Of A Down and towards the end of the set made my way back to the car to head home, it was at this point I realised what a fatal mistake I had made earlier in the day, as I got to the car my face was RED and by red I mean red, it was most certainly burnt, the one part of my forehead that wasn’t covered by hair had been severely burnt and my nose was extremely red.

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Prop Haul

I went shopping today to get some props for my food photos, I wanted some new plates and a few things to fill the shots out with, I started the morning off at a local car boot and managed to pick up a fair few items from there then I went to a place that I was recommended on Twitter called Flying Tiger which sells lots of quirky things, it is a bit like Ikea but smaller and the things in there are fun and different, I got a few more bits here, only a short post as I wanted to show what I had bought.

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My Perfect Download Weekend

Download Festival 2017 is just around the corner, it has come round so fast this year, it only seems like yesterday that I was booking the tickets getting excited for some of the bands that had been announced at the time, now that we only have 8 days to go I thought it would be awesome to share what my perfect weekend would look like and which bands I am excited to see.

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Severn Days with Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy

I have spent seven whole days with Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy, during this time I have learnt a lot about it, how well we get on together and if we will be suited to one another long term, I was looking for a good hair product that was vegan-friendly but not a pomade and not really a wax or a paste, these products are great for certain hair styles but not for me, I needed something a bit more flexible, hopefully this review will help you.

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Stone Broken @ The Tivoli 20th May 2017

Back to The Tivoli last night, this time to see an upcoming band that I hadn’t seen before, Stone Broken, they are on the Download Festival bill and with them playing a show so close to home I wanted to see them in a more intimate venue.

I got there early, so much so I got to see the two support acts, arriving early certainly paid off, getting a spot right on the barrier. This band didn’t disappoint, the atmosphere in the Tivoli was electric playing songs from ‘All In Time’ their current album but also treating us to a number of new tracks off their forthcoming album, the crowd singing along to almost every single song it was a fantastic evening.

If you haven’t seen Stone Broken yet and they are playing somewhere close to home, get down and see them, you won’t be disappointed. I didn’t take my camera but got some pictures on my phone which are below.

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Iron Maiden – Book Of Souls 2017

Yesterday evening marked the very first time I would ever see Iron Maiden, I had been told that the show was absolutely fantastic, friends had been before, some of them many times, I had heard story’s of how I was going to be blown away but I wasn’t sure what to expect.
I had seen Shinedown previously at an appearance at Download Festival but not Iron Maiden, I walked away from the show absolutely buzzing, it was everything everyone had said it would be, the atmosphere, the set itself everything was just amazing, I am not sure that I will ever get to see them again but if you do have a chance to it is well worth it.

I took some pictures too….

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