The Vegan Kind Snack Box Review

I have seen these boxes in some of the vegan magazines I have been reading, they looked great and I was lucky enough to be gifted one for my birthday from a family member, it came jam packed full of amazing goodies, some of which I had never even heard of before, I wanted to share my experience of this snack box with you all.

So, what exactly is inside?

Here is what I got inside my Snack Box, I think it changes all the time so you might not get exactly the same as me, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Chika’s – Black Pepper Cashews
  • Ten Acre – Hand Cooked Cheese & Onion Crisps
  • Ten Acre – Cornelius Popperley’s Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn
  • Mallows – Vanilla
  • Hoots – Cheese & Onion Multigrain Snack
  • Ombar – Coconut & Vanilla Raw Cacao Bar
  • Vego – Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
  • I’m Sunkissed And….Good Full Stop – Chocolate & Orange Fruit & Nut Bar
  • Sarelle – Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate cream filled wafer covered chocolate bar
  • The Foods Of Athenry – Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie
  • Golden Blonde – Botanical Raw Cacao Bar

What are my thoughts?

Right, let’s dig in, these are my thoughts on the products that were inside The Vegan Kind snack box.
The snack box itself was wonderfully presented, it came delivered in a shoe box sized box and inside were all of the snacks wrapped in The Vegan Kind tissue paper, I can’t comment on the delivery of the box as it was a gift but it wasn’t damaged in any way so I can only assume delivery was just as perfect as the contents of this box.

Vego – Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar was gorgeous, the hazelnut pieces inside were huge, it wasn’t just the taste of hazelnut either it was actual hazelnuts. The bar itself was the same size as a kit kat chunky I would say and it tasted amazing, not like a kit kat of course but the chocolate was yummy. Definitely one for future purchases.

Golden Blonde – Botanical Raw Cacao Bar

I am not sure what I was expecting with this, I have tried vegan chocolate bars before and they have all been really strong, not really something I enjoy but this was out of this world, I don’t really know how to explain it if you have ever had a Caramac in your life this was exactly what it tasted like, it came in a box you would expect a mascara to come in, inside was the chocolate wrapped in brown paper, as I bit into it I was thinking that it was going to be overpowering but it really wasn’t it was so creamy and delicious, after taking my time with the first bite so I had an idea what to write for the blog I practically inhaled the rest. Another amazing find and one I will definitely be buying again.

Sarelle – Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate cream filled wafer covered chocolate bar

Another gorgeous bar, the chocolate was delicious and the wafer biscuit inside was everything you would expect, you wouldn’t even know that it was vegan it, definitely another one for the list.

I’m Sunkissed And….Good Full Stop – Chocolate & Orange Fruit & Nut Bar

I have never been keen on chocolate and orange but wanted to give this a try, you never know it might be very different to everything I have tried before…unfortunately it wasn’t it was very orangey and not really something I enjoyed eating, this one I won’t be buying again.

Ten Acre – Hand Cooked Cheese & Onion Crisps

Do you like hand cooked crisps, the ones that are really crunchy? Do you also like Cheese & Onion? If you answer yes to these questions you are going to LOVE these crisps, the flavour is intense and amazing not just peaking through actually bursting through with each bite, another product for the future list.

Ombar – Coconut & Vanilla Raw Cacao Bar

The chocolate in this bar is nothing like the Golden Blonde it is dark chocolate but it tastes really creamy and almost melts in your mouth, it also has a really soft centre that appears right at the end, just as the taste of the chocolate is disappearing the creamy centre bursts through. A lovely bar of chocolate.

Ten Acre – Cornelius Popperley’s Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn

Much like the Cheese & Onion crisps from Ten Acre, the popcorn was absolutely delicious, if you like sour cream and chive,of course, the flavours were so strong and vibrant, another one for the keep list.

Hoots – Cheese & Onion

These multigrain snacks are very much like the Ten Acre Cheese & Onion crisps in terms of flavour, very strong and lovely cheesy taste the snacks themselves are also extremely moreish nothing like a crisp but more like a crunch multigrain snack. Adding these to the list of snacks to buy again.

The Foods Of Athenry – Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie

I had big hopes for this, I had saved it for a while knowing that one day I would really fancy it, that day came, I sat down with a cup of tea and opened the cookie packet, the cookie itself was really crunchy excellent, exactly what you would expect from a cookie, this is a great start I thought, you could really taste the chocolate too but what I was really hoping for was pieces of raspberry, you know like chips of chocolate you get in a choc chip cookie but there was none just a small hint of raspberry taste which seemed to be overpowered by the chocolate.

Mallows – Vanilla

Are you a fan of Marshmallows? You are going to love these, they taste exactly like the Marshmallows I used to have when I was younger, the texture, the flavour everything about these is amazing, definitely one for the keep list.

Chika’s – Black Pepper Cashews

You can most definitely taste the black pepper on these cashew nuts, the tingle on your tongue, not something I would buy again though but for people like a snack with a little kick, these would be perfect.


So, now that I have finished all of the snacks from this little box what is my overall thoughts I hear you ask? Absolutely fantastic, some of the products I had in this box I had never even heard of, there were a few I didn’t like but the ones I didn’t outweigh the ones I didn’t.

I would totally recommend this box to anyone else be it you have been a vegan for a long while or just making the transition this box is certainly worth the money.

Harry Potter Tour *lots of pictures*

If you are a regular visitor you will know that for my birthday I had tickets to the Warner Bros Studio – Harry Potter Tour and today was the day we got to visit, I am not going to write a massive review but simply say if you like Harry Potter this is definitely worth a visit and I will let the pictures that I took throughout the day tell the rest of the story.

Birthday Spoils

I posted earlier today about it being my birthday today, I just wanted to share the spoils I have been gifted with, been super spoilt and given some amazing gifts, had a super awesome day spent with family.

 All of my presents came wrapped in this wrapping paper, isn’t it cool, I saved some because I liked it that much.

Had these super awesome cards, the left one was from my parents and the right one was from my daughter, I am going to trim them in a few days and frame them onto the wall, they are worth keeping for sure.

Had this really awesome tea infuser and loose leaf fair trade tea, can’t wait to give this a try, you can expect a in-depth review at some point.

I have been growing my beard out now for about 4 months, got a voucher for Barber Barber to get it trimmed and shaped, which is pretty cool so will definitely be putting that to use in the summer.

Tickets to the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros studios in London which will be amazing, always wanted to go but never really wanted to go on my own (something are better experianced with others) so super excited to be able to take some people along, these are for next Saturday so I will definatley post about that afterwards.

I got this really nice Vegan Snack box from the folks at The Vegan Kind, no it wasn’t a gift, a family member got it for me but The Vegan Kind put it together, you can subscribe and they send you a box (shoe box size) once a month with some really nice vegan treats, can’t wait to give this a try, there is loads in here from different brands that I haven’t heard of before.

I got a stool for my festival bag, when it has been raining and the ground is sodden it is hard to find somewhere to sit, having this will allow me to just have a rest and take the weight off, awesome.

We ended the day with a nice bit of cake, yummy.

31 Years Old

I am 31 years old today, 31 years old, when I stop and think about it, it really is hard to believe, the years have gone by so fast, It only feels like yesterday that I was out playing on the front, in the street I grew up on with my friends, friends that have long since moved on, married, had children or moved away with work, I am a dad, have a great job and working on me.

Having said that though, I am grateful for today, for the friends that I do have and the family around me because I wouldn’t be where I am now, today, without them pushing me in every way to be a better me and supporting me in the choices I make.
I may be celebrating another birthday as a single pringle but I have faith that one day I will meet someone who wants to be with me just for who I am, someone willing to give me a chance, for now though I am going to enjoy my day.

Salt Of The Earth Deodorant

I guess deodorant isn’t something you would really pay all that much attention to, I know I didn’t, I would walk into the store find one you like and walk out, right?

Since going Vegan I have started looking more and more into what is inside products, what makes them work and deodorant was one of them products I wanted to replace, I won’t go into the reasons as this is a review.

After I had decided I no longer wanted to use aerosol deodorant anymore I began searching for something that wouldn’t let me get smelly during the day, that was good for my body and as a bonus would smell good (the last point wasn’t mandatory) I found so many different solutions, I could make my own deodorant, much like powder variety you get from Lush or I could buy a deodorant from a company that already had the formula worked out, I choose the latter, that is when I found Salt Of The Earth from Crystal Spring.

The deodorant is completely natural, it contains nothing that is going to harm your body like aluminum or nasty chemicals it doesn’t even have a scent, you spray it under your arms at the start of the day get dressed and go, the formula also prevents white marks from appearing on your clothing after you have applied the deodorant to your armpits.

I bet you are thinking, this has no scent and it is made totally from natural ingredients, how can this possibly work? Truth be told, I thought exactly the same thing before buying it, but three months down the line I have just bought a 1ltr refill bottle I am that impressed. One thing I have noticed is how my body actually smells, since going Vegan my perspiration doesn’t smell all that much like it did before I was Vegan, I can go a whole day wearing Salt Of The Earth and not smell at the end of the day.

I don’t use any other deodorant now, when I am going out I will put on a bit of Lush Dirty Body Spray but that is it, nothing else.

I think deodorant is different from person to person, we all smell different so you have to find something that works for you and your body, for me this works perfectly and I am really happy with the results, if you are looking to replace your current deodorant, give this a try from my own experience, I recommend it.

Save Some Green Toothbrush

Today I want to talk about toothbrushes, yep that is right toothbrushes, for as long as I can remember I have been using a generic toothbrush you can pick up at any chemist or health store, the kind with nylon bristles and plastic handles, you know the ones, right? Recently I discovered bamboo toothbrushes made with bamboo bristles and a bamboo handle, much nicer on the environment as they degrade much better when you put them into the trash, and the materials they are made from are responsibly sourced also they don’t give off nasty chemicals when they degrade so and overall better for the environment.

So what is the toothbrush actually like Rich?

It comes delivered in a brown paper packet, there is no plastic to open, simply tear the top of the packet and remove the brush, you can put the paper packet right in the trash and it will bio-degrade, or pop it in the compost bin if you have one.

When ordering my brush I choose the soft brush head, I prefer that to the other options, but Save Some Green do have various options which you can select when purchasing, something for everyone. As for the soft brush head I really like it, it cleans my teeth just like any other toothbrush would and isn’t too harsh, sometimes the brush head can be too hard and it can hurt when brushing, this for me is perfect.

The bamboo handle is soft to hold, it doesn’t slide around in your hand when brushing, it is perfectly sized, not too big and not too small either, just right.

I am on my second brush from Save Some Green I really liked the first one, so much so, I ordered a second, the brush lasted around 4 1/2 weeks before the bristles were no longer effective in brushing and the brush needed replacing, they are a little more expensive than your normal chemist toothbrush, costing around £3 per brush but discounts can be had if you buy more than 1 at a time, am I going to order again next month? Absolutely.

Llandudno March 2017

I had some annual leave to use up before April 1st, I have been thinking about taking it for a while and now and as it is almost April 1st it seemed like a good time to get something in the diary. The UK has been having a nice spout of warm weather recently so I decided to take advantage of it and planned a day out to Llandudno, just me and my camera.

Llandudno isn’t all that far away from home actually, it only takes about an hour to get there, I had a lovely walk around exploring the seafront and taking pictures along the way. I really enjoyed just being out there, my earphones in my ears, camera in my hand just enjoying the moment.

One thing I did see while I was out today was love, lots of people in love, walking along the beach, hand in hand, chatting about various things, laughing with one another, I hope one day I can have that.