Monkey Wrench – The Best Of The Foo’s

Do you live in or around Oswestry? Get your diary and a pen and mark ‘Monkey Wrench’ against May 5th, this my friends is a gig you are not going to want to miss. I have had the pleasure of attending two of the Band’s rehearsal dates to capture video and photos for their

I have had the pleasure of attending two of the Band’s rehearsal dates to capture video* and photos for their Facebook Page and I have to tell you they are tight, as a band the quality of the material is just amazing. The sound, the setlist it all just works so remember May 5th Saith Seren Wrexham be there or you are going to miss out on the debut of one of the best upcoming bands the area has seen.

Here are some photos I took…

*Facebook wouldn’t let me share the videos here, if you would like to see them head over to the Facebook page linked in the main post.

Bad Medicine @ The Tivoli

Bad Medicine billed to support Guns 2 Roses at The Tivoli Venue Buckley and I had the pleasure of capturing this monumental event for the guys, the show opened with the amazing ‘Runaway’ followed by hit after hit.

The venue was packed to the rafters with supporters, the atmosphere was electric Jase and the guys of Bad Medicine put on an amazing show, one that you should most definitely get out to see if they are in your area in the future.

Here are some of the pictures I captured;

bad-medicine-tiv-2017-1 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-3 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-4 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-5 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-6 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-7 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-8 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-9 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-10 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-11 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-12 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-13 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-14 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-16 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-17 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-18 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-20 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-21 bad-medicine-tiv-2017-22

Billy No Band Mates @ The Stanton Chirk

Billy No Band Mates played The Stanton In Chirk last night, I hadn’t seen this act before but had seen Kev Williams as he plays guitar for Bad Medicine, there were plenty of popular songs from bands like Muse, Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne and more with plenty of audience participation – I was there to take some photos and here is what I captured.

billy-no-band-mates-73 billy-no-band-mates-71 billy-no-band-mates-70 billy-no-band-mates-69 billy-no-band-mates-67 billy-no-band-mates-66 billy-no-band-mates-64 billy-no-band-mates-63 billy-no-band-mates-62 billy-no-band-mates-61 billy-no-band-mates-59 billy-no-band-mates-58 billy-no-band-mates-57 billy-no-band-mates-56 billy-no-band-mates-55 billy-no-band-mates-54 billy-no-band-mates-53 billy-no-band-mates-51 billy-no-band-mates-49 billy-no-band-mates-44 billy-no-band-mates-42 billy-no-band-mates-41 billy-no-band-mates-39 billy-no-band-mates-38 billy-no-band-mates-37 billy-no-band-mates-36 billy-no-band-mates-34 billy-no-band-mates-33 billy-no-band-mates-32 billy-no-band-mates-31 billy-no-band-mates-30 billy-no-band-mates-29 billy-no-band-mates-28 billy-no-band-mates-27 billy-no-band-mates-26 billy-no-band-mates-21 billy-no-band-mates-20 billy-no-band-mates-19 billy-no-band-mates-18 billy-no-band-mates-12 billy-no-band-mates-11 billy-no-band-mates-9 billy-no-band-mates-7 billy-no-band-mates-6 billy-no-band-mates-3 billy-no-band-mates-1 billy-no-band-mates-2

Crossfire @ Saith Seren

The first gig of many in 2017 was certainly one not to be missed, the incredible Crossfire were billed to play Saith Seren in Wrexham. Having seen them on the closing gig of 2016 in the freezing cold and knowing the show they put on as a band, I made my way over to the venue to experience and capture the gig in person, as expected they didn’t disappoint, playing a mixture of modern day pop songs in their own unique style and some classic rock songs from greats such as AC/DC it was definitely a gig not to be missed.

Here are some of the images I captured from that gig.


If you didn’t make it to this gig you can see Crossfire at The Plough in Oswestry on March 25th.