Birthday Spoils

I posted earlier today about it being my birthday today, I just wanted to share the spoils I have been gifted with, been super spoilt and given some amazing gifts, had a super awesome day spent with family.

 All of my presents came wrapped in this wrapping paper, isn’t it cool, I saved some because I liked it that much.

Had these super awesome cards, the left one was from my parents and the right one was from my daughter, I am going to trim them in a few days and frame them onto the wall, they are worth keeping for sure.

Had this really awesome tea infuser and loose leaf fair trade tea, can’t wait to give this a try, you can expect a in-depth review at some point.

I have been growing my beard out now for about 4 months, got a voucher for Barber Barber to get it trimmed and shaped, which is pretty cool so will definitely be putting that to use in the summer.

Tickets to the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros studios in London which will be amazing, always wanted to go but never really wanted to go on my own (something are better experianced with others) so super excited to be able to take some people along, these are for next Saturday so I will definatley post about that afterwards.

I got this really nice Vegan Snack box from the folks at The Vegan Kind, no it wasn’t a gift, a family member got it for me but The Vegan Kind put it together, you can subscribe and they send you a box (shoe box size) once a month with some really nice vegan treats, can’t wait to give this a try, there is loads in here from different brands that I haven’t heard of before.

I got a stool for my festival bag, when it has been raining and the ground is sodden it is hard to find somewhere to sit, having this will allow me to just have a rest and take the weight off, awesome.

We ended the day with a nice bit of cake, yummy.

31 Years Old

I am 31 years old today, 31 years old, when I stop and think about it, it really is hard to believe, the years have gone by so fast, It only feels like yesterday that I was out playing on the front, in the street I grew up on with my friends, friends that have long since moved on, married, had children or moved away with work, I am a dad, have a great job and working on me.

Having said that though, I am grateful for today, for the friends that I do have and the family around me because I wouldn’t be where I am now, today, without them pushing me in every way to be a better me and supporting me in the choices I make.
I may be celebrating another birthday as a single pringle but I have faith that one day I will meet someone who wants to be with me just for who I am, someone willing to give me a chance, for now though I am going to enjoy my day.