Llandudno March 2017

I had some annual leave to use up before April 1st, I have been thinking about taking it for a while and now and as it is almost April 1st it seemed like a good time to get something in the diary. The UK has been having a nice spout of warm weather recently so I decided to take advantage of it and planned a day out to Llandudno, just me and my camera.

Llandudno isn’t all that far away from home actually, it only takes about an hour to get there, I had a lovely walk around exploring the seafront and taking pictures along the way. I really enjoyed just being out there, my earphones in my ears, camera in my hand just enjoying the moment.

One thing I did see while I was out today was love, lots of people in love, walking along the beach, hand in hand, chatting about various things, laughing with one another, I hope one day I can have that.

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Flip Out Chester

Recently a new trampoline park opened local to us and it has been on the cards to visit for a while now and today we finally got to do it.

I was a bit nervous about it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, if it was going to be a massive room full of trampolines and lots of kids running around it would be a recipe for disaster, but Flip Out Chester was totally different it was run like clockwork there were “stewards” on the park floor monitoring each section to ensure that everyone abided by the rules and nobody “stepped out of line”. What is more, you have to book on for a one-hour session, you get issued with a coloured wristband and can only enter the park when the time for your band comes, try and get onto the park when it isn’t your turn and you will be swiftly evicted.

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