I got burnt

I have been to Download Festival before, every single time it has rained, I checked the forecast and it said it was going to rain so I dressed accordingly, I had a jumper on and my camo trousers my sun screen was in my bag just in case it got really hot.

I arrived at Download Festival and it was sunny, I wouldn’t say that it was boiling but it was certainly warm, people were walking around with sun burnt faces and shoulders so the days before were certainly hot enough to burn but I guess this didn’t register at the time, I kept my jumper on and went into the arena (I didn’t have a hat), I watched a number of bands at the main stage and around 4pm decided to put on some sun screen, at this point it felt warm enough to remove my jumper so at the same time I put some factor 50 sun cream on (it later transpired it was too late at this point) as the day went on the temperature seemed to drop, so I put my jumper back on (this could have been because I was burnt), I met up with Joe & Rhinna to watch System Of A Down and towards the end of the set made my way back to the car to head home, it was at this point I realised what a fatal mistake I had made earlier in the day, as I got to the car my face was RED and by red I mean red, it was most certainly burnt, the one part of my forehead that wasn’t covered by hair had been severely burnt and my nose was extremely red.

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